Friday, November 24th, 2017

Four more shopping days until the mayoral election


I’m ready for this one to be over. WUWM-FM, radio so good it ought to sell commercials, takes a quick listen on the Waukesha race for mayor and some of the issues. The interview was hardly groundbreaking, except it continues Jeff Scrima’s flip-flop on the water issue. I keep asking, what happened to the idea that no deal with Milwaukee is sustainable because of possible future changes when the deal needs to be renegotiated?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed incumbent Mayor Larry Nelson in an editorial:

Scrima has said he opposes the application – and especially any strings that he says the City of Milwaukee would place on any water purchase deal with Waukesha. He’s also suggested a conspiracy of sorts between certain officials to make sure Waukesha does get water from Milwaukee. But he told us last week that he would push ahead with the city’s application and that he just wants to slow down the process. That sounds to us like a flip-flop, and his conspiracy theory just isn’t credible.

In addition to Nelson’s experience and his advocacy for Waukesha, the mayor also can point to an improved downtown and other economic development intitiatives, some still in the works. He has run an efficient government and has good staff in place to help him manage city government.

I know, you’re shocked they would endorse the Democrat.

Over at the website, blogger Jay Walt endorses Mayor Larry Nelson:

In summary, Candidate Jeff Scrima could be a well-intentioned, nice person running for Mayor because he wants to do good for the City of Waukesha. If so, I would advise he run for an Aldermanic seat or give his time to one of the numerous Boards and Agencies in this City who are desperately seeking able, enthusiastic, energetic volunteers. And every volunteer Board I am aware of (Having served or serving as Past Waukesha Education Foundation Chair; Waukesha County Community Foundation Advisory Board Member; Chair – Brookfield Parks, Recreation, and Culture Committee; Brookfield Convention and Visitors Board Member/Past President and more) would welcome someone willing to give 50% of their salary to that Agency….Sorry Jeff – Too much…and way too early in your career.

Brien Lee concurs:

Seeing as today is my birthday I’m hoping one wish will come true. My wish is for what’s best for Waukesha. If the best thing for Waukesha is an inexperienced mayor who has many ideas, ideas that don’t hold water so to speak, then that is my wish. Just don’t expect to see a “Scrima For Mayor” sign on the front lawn.

I’ve been to two of the debates and read most of what was written in the papers. To me the difference is night and day. Scrima has promised everything but a pizza for every citizen, all while lowering taxes. If it were possible to lower taxes while repairing infrastructure and maintaining the same level of services I’m sure it would have happened long ago. Or maybe, as Scrima would have it, we hire a full time grant writer.

Happy birthday Brien.

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