Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Fred Heads will not want to miss this


Brian Fraley profiled Sean Hackbarth of the American Mind and of the Fred Thompson national campaign staff.

Blogging has led you to… Washington, D.C. and getting a quick education in the art of eCampaigning. I’m weblogging for a Presidential candidate. For a political weblogger that’s a huge stage. Along with that I’m learning so much about all aspects of campaigns. I’ll be able to actually know what I’m talking about in future writing.

I know some bloggers (and some political science professors) won’t believe it, but there’s no substitute for actual political campaign experience when talking about politics. Unless you’ve been somebody wondering if you’re going to be collecting a paycheck after the next election, you’ll never know what a political campaign is really like. It’s always too easy to criticize from the sidelines. Good luck to Sean today.

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