Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Free Money for the City of Waukesha


As some of you are aware, the city of Waukesha is one of the municipalities getting screwed by the state who is taking the hotel room tax revenue away. Yes, it’s a royal screwing.

However, I know how the city of Waukesha can make up the lost revenue. At the next Common Council meeting, the city should immediately double the fines for illegal left turns. Then they should post a squad car at the exit from the Woodman’s parking lot closest to the McDonald’s across the street.

There is no left turn out of the Woodman’s parking lot there but nearly every time I drive by someone is wending their way through the median even though it is facing the wrong way. The median is constructed so people can make a left turn from the McDonald’s and Swing Time miniature golf parking lot but many drivers have to way while Woodman’s customers are making their illegal left turns. Sometimes there are near head-on collisions and other times there are road rage incidents. I’ve been known to lay on the horn there myself as it’s really unsafe for people to make the illegal left turn there.

Actually, the city may need two squads there because of the number of idiots that either can’t read or simply ignore the no left turn signs.


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