Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

From Ayers to Occupiers


If there are no coincidences, then the timing of Bill Ayers’ speech in Milwaukee and the spread of Occupy Wall Street to Milwaukee’s Zeidler Park should have some meaning, right? I look for that meaning in this week’s column for the MacIver Institute. An excerpt:

Now it’s time for another round of labor-supported protests and the “Occupy” movement comes to Wisconsin. They can’t protest against the establishment because the establishment belongs to them now. They can’t protest against President Obama because he’s one of them. They protest against “the war,” almost absent-mindedly forgetting who is running it. (By the way, we just sent troops to central Africa to intervene in another civil war.)

The economy is bad, so the “Occupy” movement protests against “Wall Street” and the “banks” even though Obama receives more money from Wall Street than anyone else and supported TARP.

That leaves the self-indulgent demands. One Wisconsin Now, usually more obsessed with the scatological, had a banner at the march complaining about the high cost of student loans. No word on when they will protest at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay against the retirement and re-hiring of Vice Chancellor Tom Maki, or for that matter other wasteful spending and abuse in the UW System driving up tuition costs.

Never mind that these supposed adults were making a calculated risk when they signed themselves up for such debt with an expected payoff after graduation. They want their debts to be erased by the very banks that Obama supported bailing out when they made risky loans to people in part because of prodding by the government in the first place.

Shakespeare’s rebel Jack Cade in Henry VI would have fit in well with these protesters when he promised, “I charge and command that, of the city’s cost, the pissing-conduit run nothing but claret wine this first year of our reign.”

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