Sunday, August 18th, 2019

From Mike Tate’s press release direct to the blogs, evil is loose in the land


Attention liberal bloggers. If you’re going to echo Mike Tate’s talking points, the least you could do is note the irony. DPW Chairman Mike Tate notes the hiring of political consultant Darrin Schmitz by the Ron Johnson campaign for Senate and says,

Ron Johnson told voters this week all they need to know about what kind of campaign he intends to run for U.S. Senate. Johnson, a multimillionaire, Tea Party activist made his first campaign move by hiring the Republican political operative who produced the most “highly offensive and deliberately misleading” political ad in Wisconsin history. Johnson’s first hire is Darrin Schmitz, who is responsible for the notorious ad on behalf of Mike Gableman’s 2008 campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

An independent group that monitored the state Supreme Court race, the Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee said that the spot was “in the offensive, race-bating style reminiscent of the Willie Horton ad from the 1988 presidential race.” In fact, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is still deciding what sanctions to take to resolve the ongoing ethics complaint regarding Schmitz’s ad.

“Ron Johnson told voters a lot about what kind of campaign he is going to run, but more importantly he told voters a lot about himself,” said Mike Tate, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, “It’s clear that Johnson is willing to put his own wealth behind a divisive and deceptive campaign meant to serve himself, not the people of Wisconsin.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called Schmitz’s ad “purposeful distortion” and said it was “unworthy of any campaign.” In the ongoing Wisconsin ethics complaint case against Schmitz’s ad, Gableman’s attorney,James Bopp defended the “right to mislead voters in campaign ads,” saying, “I don’t think misleading is something good, (but) it can’t be sanctioned.”

The Racine Journal Times wrote that “Gableman’s attack ad essentially linked four true statements that, taken in their totality, ended in a lie.”

Like Mike Tate is some sort of virgin when it comes to deceitful campaigns. Prior to becoming the Democratic Party’s chief press release generator, Tate engaged in what was the most deceitful campaign tactic in Wisconsin’s recent political history when he led Fair Wisconsin’s fight against the referendum defining marriage in the state constitution. Tate’s operation actually called voters and told them that if they voted for the referendum, they were voting for gay marriage.

Becoming the Chairman of the Democratic Party didn’t exactly mellow his harshness. When Tea Party activistists gathered on Milwaukee’s lakefront, Tate was rhyming with hate,

“These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don’t believe in this country,” Tate said. “They don’t want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don’t want clean air and water. They fundamentally don’t understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work.”

However, we should be nice and recognize that Tate was under a lot of stress last week when he wrote his press release. He just found out the top dog of Congressional Democrats in Wisconsin, David Obey, will soon be playing his harmonica on the sidelines.

Let’s run through the list of headaches Tate is now facing: open seat for governor, open congressional seat previously thought reasonably safe, well-funded challengers for Senator Russ Feingold, a very vulnerable congressman in Green Bay, another vulnerable congressman in the western part of the state, and the likely loss of at least one house of the legislature (if not both). Oh yeah, his Assembly Speaker was chasing skirt in the lobbyist pool, his candidate for governor had to be begged into running and is now defending tax increases, and the Assembly Democrats are on record as being soft on a five-time OWI loser.

Heckuva job, Mikey. No wonder Obey announced his retirement in Washington D.C. He was probably afraid he would have to have you say a few words.

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