Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Generations at Five Points


My wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, and I finally made it to Generations at Five Points last night with some friends of ours. I’m glad we finally went.

Most of us are now familiar with the concept of tapas, small plates of food for sharing. The trick to enjoying a restaurant that serves tapas is to go with people that don’t mind sharing. We went with the right friends but now there are some dishes I almost regret sharing.

The pot stickers, for example. I like a good pot sticker and these were delicious. No wonder they were put back on the menu by popular demand. Next time one plate for me and one plate (with 3 pot stickers) for the rest of the table. If you have a group of four, they will add one more to your plate for an extra cost.

The root beer braised ribs were the other favorite at the table. I volunteered to lick the plate. My wife really enjoyed the baked brie. The fried potatoes were fine but nothing to die for.

We also split an entree, the seafood linguine. It had a sweet flavor with a kick to it from the jalapeño. Really delicious.

We split (sense a theme?) two desserts, the apple crisp and the mudslide brownie. It was nice to have an apple dessert that was not a can of diced apples shoved into a crust with some cinnamon. The dessert had real sliced apples. The mudslide brownie was really moist and rich.

And the restaurant is reasonably priced  (an important consideration in Waukesha). Four adults ate really well, complete with drinks, for a little over $100, not including the tip.

We’re looking forward to returning for the lettuce wraps, the pork medallions and the meatball sliders. I don’t know if I’ll share.



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