Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Getting chilly down there


It looks like Hell is finally freezing over. Does this mean:

  1. My friend is finally getting married? “I made a decision yesterday. One that will have an impact on my life for a period of time. Details will be forthcoming next month.” Naaaahhh.
  2. Bill Christofferson is going to join Pedro Colon on the Sewerage Commission? “S–t flows downhill.” Naaaahh.
  3. The Sierra Club and the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce on the same side of an issue?

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce:

“The ethanol mandate will increase pollution, drive up energy costs for businesses and homeowners, and ultimately will lead to job loss in our state,” Manley said.

According to the report, the ripple effect on Wisconsin’s economy from the rate hike could drop our overall economic output by $500 million. Important industries such as paper and food processing that need affordable electricity will be hardest hit. The total job loss could exceed 4,000, BBC reported.

The economic impacts of Assembly Bill 15 could be higher or lower depending on the overall emission reductions DNR intends to require to meet the federal ozone standard. The DNR reported last September that the ethanol mandate will create as much NOx pollution as a 350-megawatt coal-fired power plant – up to 13 tons daily. The report also stated that DNR would require utility and other industrial sources to pay the cost to offset this additional pollution.

“Costly pollution controls and electricity rate hikes will be financially devastating to Wisconsin business,” said Manley. “We simply cannot afford to make our businesses less competitive by piling on these additional costs.”

The Sierra Club:

The Sierra Club and Clean Wisconsin urge members of the Assembly to vote against AB 15, the Ethanol Mandate. AB 15 mandates 9.2 – 10 % Ethanol in gasoline sold in Wisconsin.

The energy independence claims for mandating ethanol are overblown and not rooted in any provisions of AB 15.

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria.

But even the great Dr. Peter Venkman would agree that given the opposition on both sides to the ethanol mandate for all of the reasons given, we need to let our state senators know that they must stop this bill before it ever gets to the governor’s desk.

If you’re not sure who your state senator is, just follow this handy-dandy link. Let’s get them on record before this gets to the state senate floor because by then it may be too late.

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