Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Gimmee some water


For an intersting look at the water issue confronting Waukesha County and the Great Lakes, I recommend Barbara Miner’s “The Politics of Water” in Milwaukee Magazine. It’s definitely readable and not nearly as dry as the subject (pun intended). It’s easy to pick nits here and there, but definitely worth the time.

As we continue to debate the issue, those opposed to the current proposed compact: How would not passing the compact actually help the City of Waukesha? If it doesn’t pass (as has been pointed out time and again) we go back to the old rule of any governor can divert any diversion for any reason. Under the compact, at least there would be criteria for considering a diversion, making it more difficult for a governor to veto.

On the other side, I really, really, can’t see Waukesha “returning” water through the Root River. I know Mayor Nelson’s an optimist, but I think he’s underestimating the opposition from every environmentalist in southeastern Wisconsin.

I vote for a really big pipeline right through the Story Hill neighborhood (with accompanying freeway expansion).

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