Monday, May 20th, 2019

Good Garvey, Graeme!


Former Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski has guest-posted a blog post at Blogging Blue attacking Ed Garvey of Fighting Bob.

Several times over the course of my job Garvey behaved with total dishonesty, both to me and with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, with whom he seems to be nursing some kind of special hatred (last I checked, he’s not a member).

At first, I tried to deal directly with Ed Garvey when he would raise one point or other. In this day and age of cellphones and voice mail, he never seemed to be able to get back to me when I tried to correct one of his profligate errors, or to respond to one of his baiting questions.

Then, I would read his blog the next day to find his claim that I could not be reached. Now, ask any reporter in Wisconsin whom I’ve dealt with, but being hard-to-reach has never been a failing.

Garvey went on a harangue about my views about the rights of women to make their own medical decisions that dishonestly portrayed ME as anti-choice, and deliberately misrepresented my views as expressed on social media.

But beyond how Garvey has lied to and about ME or about the Democratic Party and its leaders, the bigger crime is how he’s lied to and taken advantage of the progressive movement in Wisconsin.

“…but being hard to reach has never been a failing.” Really? I’m still waiting for Zielinski (or anyone from the Democratic Party) to call me back about the time he torched an American flag in a protest for his right to burn an American flag. (It’s a good thing the legislature wasn’t considering a ban on self-immolation that day.) Then there was the infamous refusal to cooperate with his former newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Politifact. But Zielinski was willing to make himself available to harass reporters.

It was a curious way to do his job as a major party’s communications director.

Ed Garvey is no prize either, but at least he leaves his career in law on his own terms.

I find it really funny how Zielinski goes on a 634-word attack on Garvey’s character while complaining about Garvey’s attacks on Zielinski and Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate. Thou shalt not speak ill of a Wisconsin Democrat unless his name is Ed Garvey.

But notice something missing from the rant? There is not one statement of fact disputing anything Garvey wrote.

Garvey wins this round by default.

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