Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Good thing they didn’t check the union cards of the 9-11 victims


The Oak Creek firefighters union vice president is unhappy that the union label is not properly affixed to the tragic events of September 11. Jerry Biggart sent out an e-mail attacking a parade float commemorating the victims of the September 11 attacks because the person responsible for the float is not fully enrolled in Biggart’s union.

On a more entertaining note, I loved seeing the infamous 9/11 Float in at least one Labor Day Parade over the weekend. Funny that a group that is so anti-labor would dare disgrace the lives of those Brother’s that died almost 10 years ago. I highly doubt that those UNION Firefighters that died that day would want to be memorialized by a group of people that are anti-labor and choose to use a national tragedy to propel their self-serving political interests.

Hard to believe that remembering the victims of mass murder could provide such mirth to Biggart, or that he would consider a parade float remembering the victims as “infamous.” Perhaps Biggart should reconsider just who it is that is using the events of September 11th for “self-serving political interests.” I suggest using a mirror for assistance.

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