Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Good to be back


Hardly seems like I’ve been away on vacation. Actually, it hardly seems like I’m back.

Surprisingly, very little changed while I was gone. The city of Waukesha raised taxes and the mayor flip-flopped again to claim victory. The recall effort continues. Madison protestors are behaving like fascists.

As those of you who were following on Twitter already know, the Wigdersons decided to road trip it to Florida to see a giant mouse, make our sacrifice, and return before my daughter decided she wanted a castle. Along the way we saw strange sights, made fun of the confederacy, ate at the Waffle House, and counted the Cracker Barrels.

Driving through Indiana was the worst part. The addition of the windmills just makes northern Indiana creepy. Kentucky and Tennessee are pretty. Deliverance jokes never grow old when driving through Georgia, but southern Georgia and northern Florida are almost as boring to drive through as northern Indiana.

On the other hand, we met wonderful people, were treated to wonderful Southern hospitality, and had a fantastic trip.

A couple of thoughts from the trip. Why aren’t Illinois toll takers as friendly as Florida toll takers? Why don’t we have HOV lanes? Why won’t my GPS navigate me around Epcot?

After my trip to Disney, let me tell you that capitalism is alive and well, AND MY FEET HURT!!!

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