Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Good to see Democrats can always find a job


In this week’s “WisOpinion: The Show”, Jeff Mayers interviewed Bryan Kennedy, the president of the AFT. Kennedy endorses the appointment of Biddy Martin as UW Madison chancellor because she supports collective bargaining rights for faculty. In other words, you can’t say you weren’t warned. Kennedy also wants to tax businesses more rather than make any cuts in the state budget.

Gee, I can’t understand why he lost to Congressman Sensenbrenner twice. I’m just wondering if Kennedy is paying himself a salary and paying himself from the union’s political fund. After all, in his second run against Sensenbrenner he had no problem paying himself a salary out of donated campaign contributions. (Oh yeah, his campaign treasurer was Ruth Page Jones, who is currently running for assembly against State Representative Bill Kramer.)

Meanwhile, Brian Fraley is not nearly as bald as Michael Wilbon. Shouldn’t Nichols and Fraley just fire the two minute drill at each other?

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