Friday, November 17th, 2017

grab your flintlocks and join me at the revolution


Somewhere my more gun-savvy readers are laughing at me. For the record, I have fired a muzzle-loaded pistol.

But I wanted to catch readers up on what happened yesterday with the Waukesha County Board Executive Committee. They voted to consider only the 25 member proposal. According to Mike at Spring City Chronicle (Who needs reporters? We got bloggers!), they had district line maps for 25 members, 21 members and 19 members. Alas, they passed on a 4-3 vote the 25 members, and today it goes to the full county board. Mike has more here and here, well worth the read.

I’d like to echo something Mike said,

…if the board believes that they can make a solid case for the board remaining at 35, then please don’t vote for the resolution to reduce to 25. Make your case to the citizens of Waukesha County and trust that they will make the right choice. If you don’t trust the citizens, then you shouldn’t be in public office in the first place.

Let’s take it to referendum and let the voters decide.

Update! Jessica McBride and Chris at Spotted Horse both call on Vrakas to veto his own proposal. However, as Jessica points out:

Unfortunately, it appears that Vrakas would support 25. His spokeswoman tells the JS:

Vrakas’ chief of staff Allison Bussler said Monday that she expects a close vote today on the issue, adding that Vrakas and his staff would be lobbying supervisors in an effort to ensure passage. “We certainly will be putting in some calls,” she said.

Mike at the Spring City Chronicle is ready to spend another day of his life wasting away at the Waukesha County Board meeting. Somebody buy that man a margarita.

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