Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Great moments in duhhh


We begin this week’s search for the Idiot Politician of the week with Mike Huckabee’s attempt at off-the-cuff humor at the NRA convention:

Oh yes, assassination jokes are hilarious.

Meanwhile, Senator Barack Obama had his idiot moment this week when President Bush, speaking before the Israeli Knesset, criticized those who would appease terrorists. Senator Obama quickly stammered, “I will not!” reminding anyone and everyone that, yes, he will.

Onward and downward, the California State Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that because they like gay marriage California will have gay marriage even if the voters overwhelmingly enacted a law against it by referendum and even if nobody had magically found this right in the California previously. What a cruel trick the California court is playing on homosexuals as their ruling will hardly be the final word on the subject. Californians will likely amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage, just like Wisconsin.

That underlines the problem of judicial activism. Quite often the judges hope to be the final word and end the democratic process. This November will State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George do his best Snidely Whiplash impression when he utters, “Curses, foiled again!”

Libertarian candidate for president Bob Barr fell from the idiot tree and hit every branch on the way down when he endorsed the California State Supreme Court decision. Hey Bob, wait until some state is forced to recognize California’s temporary gay marriages. Then you get to explain how the judiciary of one state can create laws that are contrary to the legislative process and the will of the public in one state and then be binding in another state overruling it’s legislative process and the will of it’s people. Where’s that libertarian commitment to federalism, separation of powers and republican principles?

Did you know California has a Republican governor? Some actor. After vetoing two bills to legalize gay marriage, Governor Schwarzenegger now supports the court ruling. Let me get this straight (no pun intended), he’s opposed to the legislature passing a law legalizing gay marriage but he supports the courts overstepping their authority? And while he’s “personally opposed” to gay marriage, he’ll actually fight the movement to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage.

Speaking of the California legislature, they actually debated whether or not the Red Menace is about to overthrow the government, and whether the Commie bastards should be teachers and school janitors.

“The state has every right to hold school employees accountable for their political standing, especially if that employee belongs to an organisation that favours the violent overthrow of the government,” Denham said during the debate on the bill.

Denham said that it’s also “reasonable that use of public school property should be limited to groups who support our democracy and do not advocate the overthrow of government by force, violence or other possible means.”

Look. I saw the Hunt for Red October. We won. They lost. When the commies are safe enough for Elaine Benes to date, they’re safe enough to teach in the classroom.

ELAINE: So how was work? Another day, another dollar?
NED: I guess.
ELAINE: Oh well nothing wrong with that. Gotta make those big bucks. . . . money money money money money money money . . . ha ha ha ha ah . . . are you a communist?
NED: Yes, as a matter of fact I am.
ELAINE: OH, AH! OH! WOW! WHOA! A COMMIE! Wow, gee, man it must be a bummer for you guys what with the fall of the soviet empire and everything .
NED: Yeah, well, we still got China, and Cuba,
ELAINE: Yeah, but come on . . .
NED: I know it’s not the same.
ELAINE: Well, you had a good run, what was it 75, 80 years? Wreaking havoc, making everybody nervous.
NED: Yeah, we had a good run.
ELAINE: Well, so enjoy yourself. (clink glasses) ha ha uh ha

Besides, I really doubt too many of them are trying to overthrow the system that gives them tenure, health benefits, and state government pensions.

We can’t let this week go without mentioning the idiocy of Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne who put the polar bear on the endangered species list. As Henry Payne at National Review Online points out, Kempthorne is just flat out wrong when he says this will not be an excuse to use the Endangered Species Act to set US climate policy. If global warming is supposedly endangering the polar bear (even if it’s current numbers are at a record high) then the action plan needed to save the polar bear will necessitate setting US climate policy accordingly. Kempthorne’s brain must be frozen.

Proving all politics are loco, two politicians had a moment of no common sense editing between initial thought and uttering speech. Waukesha School Board members Frank Finman and Kurt O’Bryan were singled out by the Waukesha Freeman for being, well, idiots.

Here’s what Finman said:

“I look at my two children in the school district, I see my 11th-grader, who I think is going to escape out the door before the roof caves in. And I look at my eighth-grader and the education she’s getting, and compare that to the education her older sister’s getting, and they aren’t even comparable.”

Escape before the roof caves in? We’re picturing a scene from the new Indiana Jones movie. Finman might be trying to make a legitimate point, but it just isn’t constructive for a school board member to characterize his own school district that way.

O’Bryan went even further:

“If we all agree that our backs are against the wall, then I think we should pursue (a referendum). The scenario you have to give them is that it’s either this or it’s this. One option is the referendum and the other is to shut this district down, which this board has the power to do.”

That, of course, is absurd. No one is shutting down the school district.

We realize these board members were trying to make a point that the district is in dire financial shape. In fact, it’s safe to say O’Bryan, Finman and the rest of the school board care very deeply about the district. These comments are likely meant to create a sense of urgency – perhaps panic – and motivate the community to action.

Whatever the motive, these school board members crossed the line by unfairly trashing the district they are supposed to serve. Citizens deserve better than these juvenile scare tactics from their elected representatives on the board. These board members are only going to turn people off with comments like these and hurt the cause they are championing.

At least these guys aren’t listening to advice from former Governor Tony Earl (D).

Former Gov. Tony Earl says he did nothing wrong in helping an acquaintance land a top legal job at the Department of Workforce Development.

Earl says he didn’t know the hiring scandal had cost taxpayers $346,000 in legal settlements with candidates passed over for the job as the state’s top unemployment insurance lawyer.

Earl says he has known Daniel LaRocque “since he was a youngster” and was friends with his father and uncle.

Earl says he called his former policy director, Hal Bergan, to put in a good word for LaRocque. Bergan was the Workforce Development official in charge of the hiring.

A hearing examiner who reviewed the case said Bergan broke department rules in hiring LaRocque, who got the job based on political connections.

Yo, Bergan, when the former governor calls next time, do yourself a favor and have to go to the bathroom or something. That reach out and touch someone cost the taxpayers a big chunk of change, you idiot. You just made the Idiot Politician of the Week. Say, “Gee, thanks Tony.”

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