Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Groundswell for Masel?


Mary at Freedom Eden believes Senator Herb Kohl should be required to debate his Democratic primary challenger, Ben Masel.

I think Herb Kohl should have to say something before his coronation as Wisconsin’s senator.

I think a debate is in order, or perhaps some public appearances. Something.

To date, Kohl has virtually ignored his primary challenger, Ben Masel. He’s getting no respect from Kohl.

Meanwhile, from the center square Masel gets an endorsement:

That doesn’t mean that Kohl shouldn’t hear about the things that we don’t like about him. His support for the Iraq War Resolution remains one that sticks in my craw, as well as his vote for the bankruptcy legislation that privileges credit card companies over working families. Ben Masel would not have supported either of those measures.

In the end, am I going to worry if Kohl is re-elected? No; he is, most of the time, a perfectly reliable Democratic vote. But he’s not a leader, and he’s unwilling to stick his neck out to protect the people of Wisconsin the way Russ Feingold does. Or the way Ben Masel would.

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