Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Group blogging


Ann Althouse comments on the falling out among the bloggers at PoliPundit over the immigration issue.

But I’m interested in this dispute between Byrd and Polipundit and the problem of group blogs. Group blogs, like marriages, can break down, and when they do, they can dissolve quietly and present an unreadable face to the world, or they can let the ugliness show.

I wonder how can a group blog have a breakdown like Polipundit’s? After all, isn’t the purpose of a group blog to have different viewpoints aired and hashed out publicly? So wouldn’t you know ahead of time which viewpoints you would like to be part of the blog, and which ones you couldn’t put up with?

I would contrast the PoliPundit experience with the Badger Blog Alliance that seems to relish such arguments even as there is a remarkable amount of consensus over there. I think in large part it has to do with the founder, Jib, who has his own blog Jiblog. He has to put up with strong personalities of all kinds and yet manages to keep the participants peaceful. Or perhaps it’s just the nature of the people he’s asked to join.

As for participating in a group blog myself, I think I’m ill-suited to participate in any project I don’t have control over, and I’d be a pretty rotten moderator. Besides, I like what I’m doing here too much to take time away from it.

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