Monday, May 20th, 2019

GuitarTown 2 committing child abuse


Here is the schedule of events for GuitarTown, the sequel. (Every horror picture deserves a sequel.)

guitartown ii

Really? They are going to send the Gibson Guitar tour bus driver around to speak to school children? Will the DARE program be allowed a rebuttal if any of his stories are the least bit interesting?

I knew this year’s attempt at Guitar Town was going to be a clunker when I heard they were enlisting children to do some of the guitar painting* (announced after an extended call for artists). This line-up of events and entertainment is, in a word, underwhelming.

The organizers don’t even have the excuse this year of a short time frame to plan the event. They had a full year.

I sincerely hope the event is a success. I hope they raise plenty of money for the Les Paul museum (really) and other causes. I’m glad there hasn’t been the controversy from last year of the mayor laundering money through other organizations.

Gibson Guitar is certainly getting their money’s worth of publicity from a community they have no connection to.

But this event isn’t worth closing the streets. There is nothing “best” or “number one” about it. It’s kind of sad, actually.

* Has to be a violation of child labor laws and minimum wage laws to use kids like this for the publicity of a few businesses downtown. The least they could do is pay child actor scale.

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