Saturday, November 25th, 2017

GuitarTown stage at the Five Points


It’s been hinted at, so I asked GuitarTown Chairman Rick Congdon if there were plans to put a stage at the Five Points in downtown for the GuitarTown events. He responded on Tuesday:

There will be no outdoor stage on Thursday night. There will be a small area for the {Les Paul} Trio to play as people enter the Rotunda. Furay and Llanas will jam with them for a few songs. Because of demand, we’ve added a connecting tent to the reception but there will be no stage there.

There will be an outdoor stage at the Five Points. It will be covered in case of rain. The holding area for the musicians will be the Gibson Bus which will be parked behind it. We are arranging for extra porta-potties and an post event clean up strategy as well. I don’t know exactly where we are at with the permit stage, but the Mayor is trying to set up a meeting with Abadi, Jack, DBA and Guitar Town people etc. to make sure that we all know what’s going to happen and what the logistics will be and it’s all legal. We are also scheduling our music breaks to make sure the FFNL stages will also get some traffic.

I will not be attending as I will actually be with my son’s class in Madison on June 1st. His class was scheduled to visit Madison last year but could not attend because of the obnoxious, selfish leftwing protestors occupying the Capitol. It will also give me an opportunity to get a look around Madison right before the recall election.

So I am going to have to rely upon your reports on the ensuing conflicts over the stage, the length of the celebration, whether any laws are broken and if any permits are actually pulled.

I’m sincerely hoping that everything runs smoothly and legitimately. It would be nice if the GuitarTown event finished on a much higher ethical note than how it started. Granted that’s not much of a standard, but given our mayor it’s the best I can hope for and there’s a good chance I’ll be disappointed.

I do have to say that I am disappointed that GuitarTown organizers were not able to get better talent for the event so far so I’m hoping the decorative guitar art makes up for it. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s unlikely I’ll be disappointed on that.

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