Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Half of the Obamacare senators are now gone


Thirty of the sixty senators that voted for Obamacare are now gone. Back in 2010 I wrote how Obamacare was stalled after Scott Brown won in Massachusetts. There were Democrats who said they had a big enough majority back then that they could afford to lose some seats. I don’t think they had any idea just how many seats they would lose. Mary Landrieu is merely the latest casualty.

As I wrote at the time,

So when the activists and the White House ask them to go over the top of the trench wall one more time, the Senators and Congressmen look at each other and wonder which of them will be coming back. “No thanks. It’s too dangerous out there. We’ll stay right here.”

I clearly underestimated the arrogance of the Democratic politicians who believed they would not be the ones punished for Obamacare, just as the Democrats underestimated just how many of them would pay for their vote.

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