Monday, November 20th, 2017

Hard to buy this kind of publicity


Political consultants will be telling candidates for years this story in an effort to get candidates to ignore the vicious dogs and the bad weather to go knock on a few doors.

The press release from the Krueger Campaign today does not mention the incident, but it does mention Krueger has knocked on over 4500 doors.

(Waukesha County…) Republican candidate for Waukesha County District Attorney Dennis Krueger believes in working hard for what’s right. He announced that as of today, he has personally campaigned at 4,500 households.

“In today’s political environment of whisper campaigns and negative ads and phone calls, it is no wonder that some voters are so cynical. By meeting people face-to-face at events and at their homes, I hope to be a breath of fresh air,” Krueger said. “I am not saying I don’t get tired, but having the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the people of Waukesha County keeps me moving.”

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