Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Hard to get worked up about this Van Hollen news


The subheadline on Dan B ice’s story should be, “No sex scandal so I’m reduced to reporting this.” 

Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen knows the value of thrift when it comes to words.  Why create press releases when you can copy someone else’s?

In late January, his office put out two press releases under his name and letterhead that swiped much of their content from ones put out earlier the same day by a couple of federal agencies. Several paragraphs in the attorney general’s releases were verbatim copies of the federal statements.

That’s right. Different agencies claiming success in some operation are copying each other’s statements. Shocking.

Of course, if Van Hollen’s people did completely create their own press release, Bice would be complaining about the expenditure of resources creating new press releases for the same situation rather than just copying what the other agencies are doing.

But I’m sure the next time some Democratic state legislatorcopies and pastes somebody’s talking points, Dan Bice will nail them to the wall.

Hey, did anyone tell Bice there is a personal scandal that involved the Speaker of the Assembly?

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