Monday, November 20th, 2017

He should strip the paint off his garage door so he can read his promises


Fun stuff in the Russ Feingold – Ron Johnson race. The Johnson campaign has caught Feingold breaking one of his “garage door promises” and it concerns Feingold’s favorite subject – campaign finance.

In 1992, gasoline was $1.18 a gallon, Brett Favre started his career with the Packers, the national debt was $4 trillion, and Russ Feingold wrote on his garage door, “I will rely on Wisconsin citizens for most of my campaign contributions.”

Times have changed and so has Russ Feingold.

In his third quarter Federal Elections Commission report, over 72% of the donors who contributed to Russ Feingold lived outside Wisconsin.

Maybe Feingold could “green screen” them back up there so he doesn’t forget.

To be fair I asked the Johnson campaign about their campaign contributions and they told me 68% of their contributions in the third quarter came from in-state.

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