Friday, August 23rd, 2019

He was born in Babylonia, endorsed a Senator from Arizona


I have to agree with Charlie Sykes on this. Pat McIlheran’s explanation of the difference between Senator McCain receiving an endorsement from Hagee and Senator Obama having the Rev. Wright as his spiritual mentor is definitely a “must” read.

So you have to conclude that Obama was pretty much jake with the whole U.S. of the KKK A bit, the stuff about how awful America was. And here’s where the really big difference is, the part that the libs yapping on about Hagee get utterly wrong.

They think the problem with Wright is that he’s incendiary or provocative or offensive or insulting. They think the problem is
Wright and that he insulted some group of people.

No. The problem with Wright is really a problem about Obama, who gives every indication of having, for years and years if not still now, pretty much believed Wright. The problem with Wright is he’s a window into Obama’s view of America.

Is Hagee a window, too, into McCain? Well, probably not. You don’t choose to send your kids to Whore of Babylon Academy, usually, suggesting McCain doesn’t buy into Hagee’s views of Catholicism.

I’d only add that I think Hagee would be a wonderful opening act for Bill Maher.

(Apologies to Steve Martin for the title.)

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