Monday, November 20th, 2017

Heard you missed me. I’m back.


When last I left you, I was at a little Blogspot blog site that garnered the occasional attention of some readers of discerning taste.  Welcome to the new digs, admittedly still under construction. 

 I’m rather pleased with the look.  I’d like to thank Amy Kant for her efforts in bring the new site together.  It should be a fun home for my words of wisdom and my witticisms, as well as your comments.

 We’ll be adding things as we go along.  My goal is to make this a destination site as well as one that you follow with the RSS feeds.

 My Twitter feed is here.  I suggest you considering signing up for my Twitter updates.  Aside from my bon mots, I also pass along tidbits from around the World Wide Web that I found interesting but not necessarily fodder for a blog post or a column.

 If you are not a Facebook friend yet, you may want to consider signing up.  More wit, more wisdom, more feedback opportunities, more me.  But most importantly, Facebook friends get to see the “raw” preview of my Waukesha Freeman column the day before it is published. 

 Join the Wigderson cult and when the comet comes we will all get free Snickers bars and peanut butter & banana sandwiches made by Elvis.  Plus we’ll have a lot of laughs along the way.

 Last but not least, the site accepts advertising.  I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative, paying with Pesos, Euros or Dollars, I want your money.  Your advertising on my site will help keep the mice that run this place in pellets.  Not to mention, the website designer would like to get paid.  Since Amy has a cat to feed and rent to pay, I think it’s important she gets paid.  If you’re feeling generous (and I like generous people), you can also make a donation through Paypal (coming soon).

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