Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Heaven save us from the quirky


Senator Tom Reynolds on tomorrow’s scheduled vote on the ethanol mandate:

State Senator Tom Reynolds (R-West Allis) will move for a vote on his bill eliminating state law that artificially inflates gas prices, known as the minimum markup law. Reynolds decision to force a vote on Senate Bill 648 came in response to the scheduling of Assembly Bill 15 that mandates that 87 octane gas contain at least 9.2 percent ethanol. Many experts believe that the ethanol mandate will increase gas prices for consumers and result in lower gas mileage. Reynolds hopes to partially offset the negative effects of the ethanol bill by eliminating the minimum markup law that artificially inflates the price of gasoline.

“I am disappointed that, despite staunch opposition by a majority of Senate Republicans, the ethanol mandate bill will receive a vote on the Senate floor,” Reynolds said. “It is disheartening that a Republican-controlled Senate is moving a bill that will cause consumers to pay higher gas prices for less efficient fuel.” Reynolds continued, “The very least Senators could do is soften the blow to consumers by eliminating the minimum markup on gasoline. I intend to give them the opportunity by moving for a vote on Senate Bill 648.”

Um, Tom, could we fight this battle first? Or are you offering to trade your vote? State Senator Reynolds’ office phone number is 608-266-2512 and his district phone number is 414-258-9946. Just in case.

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