Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Helping Cory with the rules


From State Representative Cory Mason’s rules for helping contributors:

When a local businessman needs a favor, it helps if you can write the rules so that his company will specifically benefit. If you are confused on how to write the rules, then ask him to write the rules for you and then submit it as a bill.

Racine businessman Jeff Neubauer had a hand in writing legislation that would favor his company with contracts for cleaning products in schools. The trick is to require a special environmental certification that few companies have. (Neubauer’s does)

Neubauer wrote the bill and then emailed it to Racine area Assemblyman Cory Mason who submitted Neubauer’s bill with his own name as author.

Neubauer has been a frequent contributor to Cory Mason.

So while Mason is insulting area residents who dare to attend an outdoor political rally he is taking legislation favorable to a contributor, written by that same contributor and passing it off as his own work?

Nice to know that Mason thinks the schools are great places for his buddies to make a little extra cash with just a little help from him. I hope his constituents remember that the next time they look at the school tax on their property tax bill.

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