Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Hey, I resent that remark


I’m sure he didn’t mean me. I think. From today’s Waukesha Freeman “Sound Off” section.

If there were ever any doubt that U.S. mainstream media operate as a monolithic propaganda machine to keep us stupid, one need only survey the lock step universal demonization of Julian Assange for doing what a genuine, vigorous press should be doing. Funny how professional teleliberals and teleconservatives drop the act when anybody dares actually show them up for the obfuscating, babbling clowns they are, condemning Assange as a terrorist for presuming to actually inform the people on important matters.

Of course, why I am I wasting my time sending this to an editor who with a straight face publishes selfparodying conservo-fascist gargoyle Ann Coulter and a chorus of her local-yokel acolytes?

Wow. Are we really “a chorus of her local-yokel acolytes?”

I didn’t even know I could sing.

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