Monday, August 26th, 2019

Hey, this Adamczyk guy is serious


No, I never did believe former State Treasurer Kurt Schuller was serious about getting rid of the office, so it didn’t surprise me four years later when he endorsed a candidate who wanted to keep the state treasurer’s position. If Schuller had been serious about getting rid of the Treasurer position, he would have done what Adamczyk is doing:

Newly elected State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk is expected to save Wisconsin close to $275,000 in public funds by eliminating his staff he says barely had any duties.

Kurt Schuller, the previous state treasurer, had submitted a budget request of $514,000 for 2015, with $351,300 going toward salaries and benefits for himself and his former office’s employees.

Besides the treasurer, the department had consisted offormer Deputy Treasurer Scott Feldt, Communications Director Cynthia Kaump and administrative stafferCharlotte Rucks.

In addition to fetching his own coffee, pipe and slippers, Adamczyk is also giving back 25% of his after-tax salary. The earliest the state treasurer position can be eliminated is 2019 provided the legislature acts in this session to amend the state constitution.

I wonder how the long is the lease for the office space? Can Adamczyk just set up voice mail and a phone in the Secretary of State’s office? They could rename the office, “The Office of Useless Government Appendages.”

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