Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

History wasn’t made in Waukesha last night


Sounds like last night’s Harley celebration in downtown Waukesha did not attract the hoped-for crowds last night. I’m sure there will be lots of finger pointing and complaints by some event organizers about “negative attitudes.” Unfortunately, when you throw together an event like last night’s at the last minute and do no coordinating with main draw, Harley Davidson, your efforts are not going to be noticed. Jeff Barta of Nice Ash is probably correct, too, when he points out the Downtown Business Association had no concept of the kind of crowd they were attempting to attract last night.

Of course, if we had a mayor that would have (or even could have) worked with all of the different personalities downtown a year ago to put together a plan and presented that to Harley Davidson officials, Waukesha’s downtown might have actually been mentioned in the Harley Davidson anniversary promotional materials. Instead, the only thing that was mentioned was the Les Paul exhibit at the museum, the same museum Mayor Jeff Scrima wants the county to close.

My sister-in-law is someone who has been to a number of motorcycle rallies, including Sturgis. She said that most couples that attend the rallies attend for a couple of hours and then find nice places to eat, interesting tourist attractions nearby, and do some shopping. Sounds like Waukesha’s target audience, and we didn’t do so well attracting them.

But it’s a good thing the police closed the streets last night because we wouldn’t want people to miss the two things the city of Waukesha is known for: the home of Les Paul, and being impossible to drive into.

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