Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Hot ethanol update


I have just gotten the word from my sources in Madison that we may be hearing in the next half hour that the ethanol mandate will go on the state senate agenda tomorrow. Even as I type this the State Senate Republicans are in caucus, and it doesn’t look good. We need to keep the pressure up in order to stop this.

Update! I’m now hearing that a vast majority of the Senate Republicans voted in caucus 13-5 against bringing the enthanol bill up for a vote. Despite this, Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz is pressing ahead because he now has the votes on the State Senate Organization Committee to schedule the bill. It looks like Senator Judy Robson (D) is going to vote in favor of bring the bill to the State Senate floor tomorrow. The Senate Organization Committee meets at 3:00pm today.

Update! It is official. The State Senate is voting on the ethanol mandate tomorrow.

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