Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

How is this even legal?


From this morning’s Waukesha Freeman:

{City Administrator Ed} Henschel said he took possession of all the keys to the BID’s downtown office, which is closed to the public but may occasionally be staffed by Wendy Copeland, whom the BID board voted to hire on a part-time basis. Henschel said all the BID’s calls, mail and emails are “being handled by the city.”
Henschel also said he spoke to the bank and gave former BID treasurer Ron Lostetter, who resigned from the board, authority to continue signing checks for things like paying vendors.
When asked why he didn’t authorize one of the two remaining BID Board members, Henschel said it was a “practical decision.”
“(Lostetter) knows the financial system and I don’t, and he lets me know (when checks get written),” Henschel said, adding that he’s had “a couple of” interactions with remaining board members Bill Huelsman and Natalie Walters, but he mainly makes it a priority to keep the Common Council apprised of how things are going.
Henschel said he’s glad to help things run smoothly during a transitional time period, but he’ll be happy to “hand it off” to a permanent board when the time comes.

How is this even legal? How is it possible for a non-Board member to have access to the BID’s funds? Who told Henschel to do these things, or that they are even allowed?

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