Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

How many comments?


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s article on last night’s Waukesha Common Council meeting is currently showing 120 comments. That sounds like a lot but how many comments do they have actually? I realize the comments tend to be a bit repetitious on Waukesha’s water issue, but the first 64 comments must be from a different story. They were all made before the meeting actually took place.

I don’t know if the Journal Sentinel is trying to puff up their comment totals on all stories or just this one, but there really isn’t the interest in this issue to generate 120 comments on their site. Or perhaps it’s just laziness that caused them to move the comments from one story to another. Either way, it’s not a fair representation of the interest in the story. And certainly part of the story was the lack of intensity on this issue last night, given only thirteen residents spoke at the meeting on the issue.

Sixty-four comments were from another story.

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