Friday, November 17th, 2017

How one illegal alien got by


Jessica McBride worries that attractive state benefits may be part of the reason why illegal immigrants are flowing to our state. And even now, the governor is huddling with his advisers wondering what to do with a bill passed hy the legislature that would serve to cut state benefits for those here illegally.

But what about the private sector? Looking back at the case of Nicolas Navarrete, the alleged Waukesha bank robber who was arrested after a shoot out with police, we learn a lot about the holes in which someone here illegally can survive, and possibly thrive.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Navarette and brother operated the Tagueria Tejupil Mexican Restaurant before it fell on hard times. The paper also reports he only had a second grade education and, despite having been in Southeastern Wisconsin for 25 years, he still needed to have a translator in court.

Twenty-five years, and he still needed a translator?

Navarette was sued by Waukesha State Bank in 2003 over a $17,000 loan he received from the bank in 2002. How did an illegal alien get a $17,000 loan? Whose social security number did he use?

He was also described in another report of being a “regular” at Chase bank. How was that possible? Are the banks even checking who their customers are?

Despite several run-ins with the City of Waukesha’s building codes, red flags were never raised about Navarette’s status. Did he never have to show proof of identity? What driver’s license did he use?

He had two other brushes with the law, drunk driving and disorderly conduct, and again he continued to live here.

He’s been here for twenty-five years, unassimilated (except for a bad television habit), and never was he in danger of being deported. The problems of illegal immigration go deeper than one aspect of the government. We have a tolerance for illegal immigration that goes beyond the Latino community to our banks, the private sector, and all branches of government. We can catch the illegal aliens among us, but we would have to get serious first.

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