Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

How racist is this?


We know that we can’t ever suggest that minorities are ever less evolved than whites. It’s just plain racist. But cartoonist Stuart Carlson didn’t let that interfere with his moment of white liberal superiority.

Was Obama really less evolved before?

So was our first African American President the lesser-evolved caveman before he changed his position on gay marriage? Was he the monkey? What about other African Americans that oppose gay marriage (i.e. the majority). Where are they on the evolutionary scale? What about Catholic Hispanics opposed to legalized gay marriage? Are they less evolved than white liberals like Carlson?

I can just imagine how smug, how superior, the white liberal Carlson felt after drawing this cartoon. Almost as smug as every white liberal felt when they saw the cartoon. But at least minorities now know what white liberals really think of them.

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