Monday, November 20th, 2017

How the Crazy Shepherd became the 1-900 Express


Michael Horne of Milwaukee World comments on the departure of Dave Berkman from the Shepherd Express, as well as provides some background. Neither publisher Lou Fortis or Dave Berkman come out of the article unscathed. Interestingly, Horne notes,

Today, only one pre-Fortis journalist remains who has not departed from the Shepherd Express news pages. I always wondered who would be the last — that person who would allow his or her conscience to remain unperturbed by the character of Louis Fortis the longest.

And the winner is: Joel McNally, who should have enough money from his careers as a former legitimate newspaper reporter, a television panelist, a radio show host and a columnist, not to mention from whatever his wife is making and that Journal stock, to bid his farewell to Louis Fortis and to what has become of the Shepherd Express and of alternative print journalism in this city.

Meanwhile, Mike Mathias discovered in a Tim Cuprisin column Berkman is leaving Wisconsin Public Radio to join a more unstable venture or two.

(Previous updates can be found here.)

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