Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Human refuse


Ann Althouse asks, “Who knew you could claim an entire city park for yourself with litter?”

Amazing how the protestors are not embarrassed at all to be shown as such slobs.

Instead they’re busy driving business away.

These protesters have a variety of topics, but they keep coming back to Monsanto and GMO. At 1:50, when the chant is “Organic feed/Is what we need,” a Farmers’ Market vendor — who has walked right up to them — retorts “What we need is for you to get out of here!” She continues: “We can’t make any money with you guys yelling around here and scaring the customers! Get out of here!”

We can hear a protester respond: “Aw, the customers. Yeah, baby.” There are a few other negative-sounding words from the protesters, which I can’t make out, other than the one who taunts her for wearing a Bucks jacket. (What’s wrong with liking the Milwaukee Bucks in Madison? Did he confuse the Bucks with the Bulls?)

Ann, the Bucks players are being oppressed by ruthless capitalists like Senator Herb Kohl. It’s the system, man. The players are part of the 99%!

If you want to know why the “Occupy Milwaukee” group was not welcomed to stay overnight in the Third Ward by the local businesses, now you know why.

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