Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Humorless liberals


I’m telling you, liberals have no senses of humor. This Twitter ID could have been funny. Instead, it’s only a list of restaurants and the bills from Scott Walker’s campaign finance reports. What? No food recommendations? No funny comments? Not even a mention of the restaurants’ hours?

It’s about as funny as when President Obama said corporations should stop sending their people to attend conferences and conventions in Las Vegas. Okay, even that was funnier (except to the mayor of Las Vegas).

C’mon. Walker went to Perkins two days in a row. No jokes about the pie? All the trips to Johnny V’s and not one joke about turning back the clock?

Here, let me help them. On January 29th, Scott Walker was at Titletown Brewery. If the poll numbers were so great that day, why did Scott chug down $36 in beer? Okay, he was up ten points in the polls over Barrett that day and probably celebrating, but I’m sure the liberals could find something funny about it if they tried really, really hard.

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