Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

I can skip the church tour. Where’s the food?


Good news from the world of the edible. The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is considering moving their festival to State Fair Park. The only ones I can imagine who will be unhappy are:

  • The Lutheran school next door that rents parking spaces to the hungry festival goers and uses the proceeds for their athletic department.
  • Wauwatosa Police Officers who like to be well-fed while working.
  • Trouble-makers in the neighborhood who have slowly been doing their best to make attending the festival at night impossible.
  • My parents, and people like them in the area, who remember the church festival as a great place to pick up dinner. My parents could (and sometimes did) literally take the bus from the foot of their driveway to the church.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright fanatics, deprived of the annual tours of the church.

For the rest of us, however, State Fair Park means more security and a central location. organizers may also benefit from the Summerfest park and ride users picking up their vehicles from the park. The Milwaukee and Wauwatosa taxpayers will benefit from not nhaving to provide the police presence required to keep order. And the neighbors to the church in Wauwatosa and Milwaukee will certainly benefit from not having the congestion, the noise, and the trouble makers after dark.

The organizers claim that security concerns have nothing to do with the possibility of the festival moving. Whatever their reasons, security has to enter into the minds of those who attend. State Fair Park would certainly be more secure.

Now if we can only get them to sell Miller instead of Budweiser.

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