Monday, November 20th, 2017

I can’t imagine any good will come of this for Waukesha


Waukesha Patch is reporting city of Waukesha Adminstrator Lori Luther is a finalist for a job in Columbia, MO.

Unfortunately, this has been coming ever since Mayor Jeff Scrima was elected and the two of them have been unable to work together.

Luther’s time in Waukesha has certainly been controversial, but it has also been marked by controlling spending and holding the city’s employee unions to no increases the last couple of years.

The Columbia Daily Tribune is reporting that there are four remaining finalists, and none of them are internal candidates. The four finalists are: Lori Luther, Des Moines Assistant City Manager Mike Matthes, Port Angeles, WA city manager Kent Myers, and Abilene, TX Assistant City Manager David Vela. A final announcement is expected in the next two-three weeks.

If Luther is selected, it would set up another potential conflict between Mayor Scrima and the Common Council.

When Luther was hired, then-Mayor Larry Nelson made sure to include the Common Council in the hiring process by including several members of the council on the search committee. It is unclear if Scrima would be obligated to do the same, although the council might force Scrima to include them, especially given the differences of opinion over the proper role of the city administrator and the Great Lakes water issue.

More to come on this…

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