Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

I can’t wait for the Occupy Cap Times movement


The leftist standard-bearer Capital Times in Madison does a daily online rundown of editorials and blog posts it finds interesting, and yours truly was mentioned again on Monday:

Waukesha Freeman columnist James Wigderson is cheered by the Assembly’s passage of Steve Nass’ bill that would place tougher restrictions on changing Indian nicknames at Wisconsin high schools. He’s all atwitter that the Assembly has “saved” the Mukwonago Indians and contends that if Indians were so intent on eliminating offensive names they should quit calling themselves names in the fight over a new casino.

Yes, it’s ironic that Mukwonago High School can’t call themselves “the Indians” because that is somehow offensive but the paragons of Political Correctness at the Capital Times can use “Indians” where I used “Native Americans.

Likewise if Wisconsin’s Native American tribes were really concerned about protecting minorities from offensive speech, perhaps they could prevail upon the Potawatomi tribe to ask their allies at Enough Already to stop smearing the Menominee and Seminole tribes as corrupt and dishonest. The hypocritical media campaign is doing far more damage to the tribes than any local high school nickname.

Bunch of racists over there in Madison. They probably even eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


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