Saturday, November 25th, 2017

I guess we know what Alderman Bull thinks of some of her constituents


I received the following e-mail forwarded to me by Dan Groth, a resident of Waukesha and a supporter of Mayor Jeff Scrima. The e-mail is from Alderman Peggy Bull, and is in response to a pair of e-mails by Dan Groth that I have made available online as a Google Document webpage. I have removed all the e-mail addresses from the documents, as well Groth’s personal information.

From: Peggy Bull
Subject: Re: Fw: Accountability
To: “Dan Groth”
Cc: [Common council members] , “Lori Curtis Luther”, “Dan S. Duchniak”

Date: Monday, May 17, 2010, 12:15 PM

Dear Mr Groth:

Please remember that it was only about one in 8 citizens who voted for Scrima and a few less than that for Nelson. It is thought that Scrima’s voters came from a fringe that voted in conservative Judges and from his Sunday school class at Elmbrook Church. He got people to be afraid using catch phrases and it worked. He was reported to have recently said, “I know I can’t lower taxes…” and so it goes with his keeping of campaign rhetoric.

I was on the Water Utility Board for a year and studied this matter in depth. There were many environmental consultants and firms hired for the study of this need for water. Just because you and Scrima were not paying attention at the time does not mean that other people were not hard at work on behalf of the citizens of Waukesha. The citizens from my district have confidence in me to do the work to study the issue and make a decision.

I am not sure why the professionals that have spent years on this topic are not to be trusted. The aldermen that are going to Milwaukee are going to see if communication can be salvaged. Most council members have been in office a long time and have been following this issue. I am not sure why you have allowed yourself to be scared into not being able to listen to experts and not to trust them. I hope that in his time as mayor, Scrima has come to understand our need for lake water just like he now understands the complexity of the tax issue.

The best way to look at it is that we can build the very costly infrastructure to use water here and then build another very costly infrastructure again in another 10-15 years. During that 10-15 years, who knows if any diversions will be allowed by the Great Lakes Compact? I think that the citizens who pay double for very costly infrastructures twice are going to be more angry that you are now. It is this double infrastructure issue that is the crux of the matter. If we were 20 years from having to use reverse osmosis water for all our city needs, don’t you think the citizens would ask why we were not more forward thinking? The cone of depression of the water table extends far south of the Illinois border.

The citizens who have had enough need to be glad that we live in a country that allows differing opinions. Scrima does not represent us as of yet. There is so much he needs to learn about how a municipality functions. The council always works for the people and I think you owe Paul Ybarra an apology for accusing him of doing this for financial gain. Being held to accountability means that you will discover the two sides of the argument. The “shame on you” stuff doesn’t even work with the parent/child relationship and it is just annoying. Anything you say after that turns into noise. Paul is a fine alderman, citizen and family man. You have no cause other than the fact that you disagree with him to shame him or be disappointed in him. He is standing up for the citizens who count on us to make the right decisions for the community. And this we are doing. The vote on water does not serve me or any one person on the council. It serves the community every day.

I am OK with your threat to watch us like a hawk–I am not OK with your inability to be educated by all the work that has already been done.

Peggy Bull
Alderman, 7th District

I don’t think Alderman Bull is a complete bigot. I’m sure she actually knows somebody in Waukesha that’s part of the “fringe” that voted out Judge Richard Congdon in the last election. She might even have a “friend” or two that voted Republican.

For someone that was a Barack Obama supporter in the last election, a pretty lonely position in Waukesha County, she may want to refrain from the “fringe” talk. If she wants to test me on that point, she can always run for State Assembly against Bill Kramer and see just how many of her friends and neighbors will think she’s on the political fringes.

Alderman Bull notes that a small fraction of the total population of voters voted for Scrima. I’d note that she if she considers the landslide, and it was a landslide, not sufficient legitimacy for Scrima to be mayor, then she might want to consider just how few people elected her.

That said, everything after the first paragraph is pretty fair comment with the exception of where she says Scrima “does not represent us as of yet.” For good or for ill, he is the elected mayor of Waukesha.

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