Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

I hate our Garbage Men Too!


Recent comments in the “Sound Off” section of our Freeman indicate that several Waukesha residents are ticked off at our Garbage Men (and they are all guys!)Veolia Environmental Services. Many of the comments are that Veolia has changed how large the recepticle must be for curbside Garbage pick up.

I have a much better story.

You see the Garbage men park in front of my house every Tuesday Morning. They run around the neighborhood in these tiny golf carts to pick up the garbage and dump them into the large truck recepticle that they have parked out on the street. To my horror, they dump tons of garbage onto the street as well as liquid gunk that smells horrible in the winter and double horrible in the summer time. (The smell can last all week in the summer!) They leave it for me to pick up every Tuesday. And let’s not discuss if it is a windy day. I am usually one of a few of stay at home moms picking up the blown over cans and all the garbage that is flying around the neighborhood on a Tuesday. (Sorry-no tax discount for that favor!)

So those of you that receive the notice that your garbage can is too big, it could be worse. Veolia could park that ugly truck outside of your house on garbage day and leave you that wonderful treat when you get home!

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