Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

I have a bad feeling about this


I hope I’m wrong. Ed Henschel, the new city administrator in Waukesha,  started his new job yesterday. I hope Henschel remembers to look both ways before crossing the parking lot.

Alderman Roger Patton is the definition of clueless:

Alderman Roger Patton said he felt so strongly that Henschel should work closely with Scrima, he brought it up in Henschel’s interview.

“I told him that he needed to share the coffee pot, share the secretary and phone answering with the mayor and see the mayor every day … talk about the weather, that kind of thing,” Patton said.

Will Henschel experience any of the conflict that plagued Luther and Scrima’s relationship?

“He will not because the mayor has learned … he’s been in the office almost three years and he knows a lot more about the relationship between himself and the administrator,” Patton said. “The mayor went out to Harvard (’s Kennedy School for Executive Education) and learned about collaboration, so he knows what that word means and he knows how to relate to his staff better than the first day he walked into that office.”

Scrima’s personal resume building at the taxpayer’s expense has not had much of a return for Waukesha. Or for Alderman Patton:

From the letter from Meghan Sprager to the BID Board explaining her resignation.

You would think that Patton would have more self-respect.

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