Saturday, November 18th, 2017

I have seen the decline and fall of Western Civilization and it’s cause is Bravo TV


Premiering July 19th on Bravo TV, a new show called Workout. Yes, it’s a show for those of us who, rather than get up from the couch ourselves and go to a gym, we can watch it on television instead.

“Honey, the crane is here to lift you from the couch to the flatbed truck outside to take you to emergency gastric bypass surgery.”

“Can you tell it to come back in a few minutes? I’m watching Workout.”

“The driver says he’ll stop at Culvers.”

“Oh, all right. What’s the flavor of the day?”

Do we really need a behind-the-scenes look at an expensive gym on television? I mean, if I was that interested in watching other people sweat like pigs, I could just re-watch the hidden surveillance tape of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel circulation department when the auditor arrived.

What does this mean when Americans have the free time to watch other people exercise but won’t take the time to do it themselves? It’s almost enough to make me put down my Triple Whopper with Cheese and write a letter. Almost. But then I gotta go downstairs and print the letter…

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