Saturday, November 25th, 2017

I hear the food is good


Carly Rubach gives what appears to be her last bar review, and it’s for Victor’s, of all places.

These guys might not want to go to Comet or Bruno’s because to them, Victor’s is the cat’s pajamas. That’s awesome, but I express my opinion as a means of conversation and entertainment. Johnny69, for example. This man used to frequently bash my column, but I looked forward to his comments — I felt like we had something special. He added to the discussion and was good for a laugh. If we all agreed on everything, what’s the point? Johnny69, I want to fist bump you.

As I delved deeper into this reflective thought, I bounced back to shamelessly justify my criticisms. If I tried to see flowers in the toilet of every last bar, that would be super boring and a little weird.

So back to Victim’s. We stuck around long enough to see the cougars come in, and I felt I had my material for the evening. We sat outside to enjoy the tail-end of the night and my final review. I was a little emotional, but I’m pretty sure that was the Rum Runner kicking in. I wasn’t even halfway through my pint glass and I already felt like I had a stiff drink. Careful there.

No mention of WISN’s Mark Belling, a known frequenter of the establishment.

My parents met there at a Christmas party, I believe. I don’t know what that says other than Victor’s has been around a long time.

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