Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

I hope Kalbinger is a quick study


Alderman Peggy Bull’s opponent, John Kalblinger, is a little wet behind the ears when it comes to local politics. He’s only been a resident of Wisconsin for a year and a half.

For the record, I’ve had Christmas decorations in my yard longer than that.

So on the issue that’s supposedly driving this recall?

The main point of contention behind the recall is a transitional living facility on Darlene Drive that sometimes houses registered sex offenders. Although the city can’t legally prohibit sex offenders from moving into the city, Bull has been working to draft an ordinance that would limit the concentration of sex offenders per building or block.

However, the neighbors on Darlene Drive felt it wasn’t enough and initiated the recall against Bull.

The residents in the area are not satisfied by the work the city has done, Kalblinger said, and they are hoping some of the statutes can be addressed.

“Right now, I don’t know what I would personally do,” Kalblinger said. “… I think that if we contact the appropriate people, we might be able to do something.”

What about the number one issue everyone has been talking about, where will Waukesha get it’s water in the future?

When it comes to the city’s application for Great Lakes water, Kalblinger said he understands why the Common Council made its decision to submit the application.

While Kalblinger did not take a specific stance on Great Lakes water, he said he wants to see some questions and concerns addressed before entering into a contract.

Did I mention how much I hate recalls?

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