Saturday, November 25th, 2017

I see hurricanes and lightning


It’s official. I booked my flight to Las Vegas for the Right Online conference. In case any of you protestors want to show up, it’s an morning flight. If you’re going to get up that early you could try being a productive member of society instead.

Looking at the agenda and my flight schedule, they could have booked the conference for Omaha. There won’t be a lot of time for betting on the ponies and somehow the seminar on “election odds for bookies” got cancelled.

For those of you who remember, I attempted to go to this conference two years ago. Then a storm hit. Lake Mighigan decided to replenish itself all at once and flood Milwaukee, cancelling all flights at Mitchell kinda International, including mine. I barely made it back to Waukesha with the kids intact.

I don’t care if the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting the heavy stuff won’t fall until the following week. You should prepare for the worst. I’ve booked a morning flight so you may want to let the office know in advance that you’ll be late that day because of a natural disaster.

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