Saturday, July 20th, 2019

I suspect (and hope) this is a minority view


Is this the City of Waukesha, Money Magazine’s 50th Best Small City in America?  Or is this the Town of Rock Ridge, and the Johnsons are in charge. From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman:

I’d like to mention about the water situation in the city of Waukesha. I think that Mayor Scrima is doing a good job. He’s looking at all the options on the table. Now, there’s reports that if Waukesha takes the Milwaukee water, they have to have so many minorities come out here and they have to have low-cost housing and pay for this. Is this in the fine print of one of the perks in order to accept the water from Milwaukee? I’d like to see that full detail, contract printed in the paper. No. 2, I don’t think New Berlin is satisfied with the deal they have with Milwaukee water because their prices are going up 60 percent. I am not saying that that won’t eventually come down to that but I think we should look at all of the other options and see what other perks are given just to get the Milwaukee water out here, because once they get the Milwaukee water out here, they are going to continue to raise the prices. I think the mayor is trying to look at all the other options. So give him an chance and see. Did the other Common Council members talk to these other people that have the Milwaukee water and see if they are happy and what the cost is and what the problems they had?
(Editor’s note: Milwaukee Common Council Resolution 080457 says that negotiations for water sales can commence after the Legislative Reference Bureau supplies the city with information about the buying community’s “tax rate, assessed valuation per capita, median household income, per capita income and median home value … (and) poverty rates, minority representation and other demographic and community characteristic data it finds to be pertinent … (and) the current status and an analysis of past and future trends relating to the availability of public transportation and affordable housing.” There is no requirement regarding minorities moving to Waukesha. Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak has said the city’s application for a Great Lakes water diversion takes into account the anticipated rate increases for Milwaukee water. There is, as of yet, no signed contract regarding water sales from Milwaukee to Waukesha.)

What minorities are they concerned about? The Irish? Democrats?

I don’t think this represents the views of most of those opposed to a diversion from Lake Michigan for Waukesha’s long-term water needs. However, if there is an undercurrent of racist paranoia, Mayor Jeff Scrima and his supporters would do well to condemn it quickly.

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