Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

I think he deserves an award


A new year and a brand new start for everyone by JB Van Hollen. He started off the year by telling a “whopper” that even Burger King couldn’t sell. Van Hollen told the Associated Press he deserved an “A” for his performance last year. (Ht: Right Side of Wisconsin)

Republican J.B. Van Hollen made a lot of promises when he was running for attorney general.

Attack the state’s DNA backlog. Restore professionalism to the Department of Justice. And keep a low profile.

Done, done and done, Van Hollen told the Associated Press in a recent interview. Give his first year in office an A, he said.

“We accomplished more in the first year than I perhaps envisioned we could have during my whole term,” Van Hollen said.

But he still has plenty to deal with in 2008. Critics contend the attorney general is nearly invisible, his legal stances are too liberal and he mishandled the media after a grisly North Woods mass murder.

Crime in Milwaukee remains rampant, the Justice Department needs a new top investigator and Van Hollen has yet to follow through on vows to police elections more strictly.

Now the question arises, is Van Hollen delusional? Should he be referred for psychiatric treatment and/or confinement? It would explain the terrorism remarks.

Because there is no way any politician who has had the year Van Hollen had can possibly score himself that high unless he’s being graded by a really “progressive” report card scale where everyone get A’s so everyone feels special.

For his special contribution to the dulling of political discourse in this state, for failing to live up to his many campaign promises and then claiming to have done more in one year than he could’ve expected to in his entire term, I hereby award Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen with the 2007 Whopper of the Year. As the cliche goes, Van Hollen certainly takes the prize.

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