Monday, November 20th, 2017

I think I hate her already


Reality television may be coming to rural Wisconsin, and it promises to be really annoying. Presenting… Penelope Trunk.

I think I am finally going to have a reality TV show. I have had maybe ten production companies tell me they want to do some kind of TV show with me. And all ten have backed out at various stages of making the show. So I have learned that dealing with TV people is like dealing with rich bankers who can buy any woman they want. I know it will probably be a one-night stand when they realize that I am weirder in person than on my blog.

Do you know how I know that I’m weirder in person than on my blog? Because I ask people. I ask people all the time about how they perceive me and what they expect and if I meet expectations. You might think it sounds insecure, but it doesn’t. Because most people are scared to ask so direct a question. They are scared of the answer. I have found, though, that the more I know about how other people perceive me, the more self-confident I feel about who I am. Because I know who I am.

I think self-confidence doesn’t come so much from knowing you’re great as just knowing who you are. Everyone is great for something, anyway. I mean, there are 16 personality types. Each has strengths. You can get more self-knowledge by clicking the link on the sidebar of this blog that says self-knowledge. It’s the biggest category on the blog because it’s where I put all the posts where I’m having a breakdown and telling you it’s not a breakdown but a learning moment.

Making it worse, she’s an urban California transplant learning to adjust to life in rural Wisconsin. She farms! She sells goat cheese! She suffers from culture shock! She’s going to exploit every stereotype of rural Wisconsin and milk them for all their worth!

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